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High Value Home Insurance

High Value Home Insurance offers peace of mind to their clients. Working closely with reputable insurers, we tailor policies to fit our clients’ needs.

McLeod Risk Services work closely with insurers to pro-actively manage risks to help mitigate losses further down the line. This takes the form of client meetings and, where appropriate, Insurer appraisals. There is no additional cost borne by the policyholder for these services.

We can offer portfolio solutions to clients including: main residences, UK and European holiday homes and let properties. Whilst minimising the paperwork, this approach can quite often lead to overall premium reductions.

Insuring your most valuable assets can be a minefield. Couple that with the fact that not all insurance is the same and it becomes clear that an experienced Broker is the only option for your High Value Home insurance.

Whilst an experienced Broker can recommend and place your home insurance with a High Net Worth insurer, that is only half of the service you can expect:

  • Free appraisal service for your buildings and general contents
  • Free risk management advice at the time of appraisal
  • Introduction into reputable Fine Art Valuers, Jewellery Valuers, personal and physical security companies, companies to help mitigate loss i.e. water leak detection and fire detection.

High Net Worth Home Insurance cannot be purchased direct from the insurer. The very nature of the complex assets High Net Worth individuals own mean that a generic approach is not viable.

Peace of mind comes with a trusted High Net Worth Broker understanding your individual risk and matching that to the High Value Home Insurance market. In addition, a pro-active Broker will ensure that your policy changes in line with the High Net Worth market.

The policies places with McLeod Insurance are worldwide, all risk, that offer the very broadest cover in the household market.

Richard McLeod

Richard McLeod
Director at McLeod Risk Services LLP
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Top tip

Keep photographs of every room of your house away from your property, or on a cloud. In the unfortunate event of a total loss, this could significantly expedite your settlement.