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High Value Home Insurance

With 20 years' experience we are experts in the High
Value Home Insurance
marketplace. We understand
that when you have a little more to insure you need
that personal, bespoke service that we offer.

High Value Motor Insurance

Whether you are looking to insure your Range Rover
Vougue or your Ferrari California, we are here to help.
As specialists in high value motor insurance we have
the experience and knowledge to place your policy in
the right market. When you are insuring something a
little special you do need that personal touch.

High Value Jewellery Insurance

Here at McLeod Insurance, we work closely with
Insurers who have a broad understanding of the high
value jewellery
, fine art and collectibles market.

High value home insurance
High value bespoke insurance
High value jewellery and watch insurance

Our Heritage:   A history of bespoke insurance service

McLeod Insurance specialise in finding High Value Home insurance solutions for those with a little more to insure.

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You’ll find what you’re looking for at McLeod Insurance.

High value motor insurance

High Value Motor Insurance

High value motor insurance

High Value Home Insurance

High value jewellery and watch insurance

High Value Jewllery and Watch Insurance

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High value fine art insurance

High Value Art Insurance

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High Value Home Insurance

McLeod Risk Services

McLeod Risk Services was born out of the poor service many Clients have received in the niche area of High Value Home Insurance.

Many commercial and corporate insurance brokers focus their efforts mainly on the more profitable commercial business, treating the high net worth home insurance as of secondary importance. We, at McLeod Risk Services, specialise only in the high net worth home and motor insurance area. We offer a bespoke service for our clients who have valuable properties and possessions to protect.

McLeod Risk Services believe that the best way to ensure adequate cover is in place is to visit their Clients to fully understand their needs. This, quite often, results in the very best premiums being achieved as a result. It is a fallacy to believe that only the largest Insurance Brokers can achieve the best premiums.

  • 20 years’ of experience in the High Value Home Insurance arena.
  • We have access to all the specialist insurers that are unavailable to the general public
  • In High Value Home Insurance, one size does not fit all and being someone with a little more to protect you need the bespoke service that we specialize in.