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High Value Home Insurance

With 20 years' experience we are experts in the
High Value Home Insurance marketplace. We
understand that when you have a little more to
insure you need that personal, bespoke service
that we offer.

High Value Motor Insurance

Whether you are looking to insure your Range Rover
Vougue or your Ferrari California, we are here to help.
As specialists in high value motor insurance we have
the experience and knowledge to place your policy in
the right market. When you are insuring something a
little special you do need that personal touch.

High Value Jewellery Insurance

Here at McLeod Insurance, we work closely with
Insurers who have a broad understanding of the high
value jewellery
, fine art and collectibles market.

High value home insurance
High value bespoke insurance
High value jewellery and watch insurance

Our Heritage:   A history of bespoke insurance service

McLeod Insurance specialises in finding High Net Worth Insurance solutions for those with a little more to insure.

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You’ll find what you’re looking for at McLeod Insurance.

High value motor insurance

High Value Car Insurance

As a specialist high net worth broker, we tailor our policies to those with a little more to insure. It is a fallacy to think that a High Value Car policy will cost more than a combination of standard policies.

The real value of a HNW policy occurs when there are more vehicles in the household than there are drivers.

Understanding the total risk of a portfolio of vehicles and the fact that you can only drive one of these vehicles at any given time will reduce the premium for the total sum insured.

High value motor insurance

Home Insurance Policy Quote

In the High Net Worth arena, every client is different and therefore we offer a bespoke content &  high value home insurance deals service so that we can exactly match our clients’ individual circumstances. A man’s house is his castle and very often their most valuable asset so it is important to make sure that it is properly protected.

Our tailored approach means that every detail is covered and higher peace of mind can be achieved. With over half of HNW individuals concerned about being underinsured, we are able to alleviate and ultimately remove this worry altogether.

High value jewellery and watch insurance

High Value Jewllery and Watch Insurance

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend.  These items are often worn all around the world or can just as easily remain in the UK while you yourself have a period of travel.  Protecting high value jewellery and watches needs careful attention.

It is important that the underwriter is aware of the in-home security facilities and/or the travel arrangements to ensure that these high value items are properly protected. We will broker HNW policies ensuring global cover and can also recommend suitable home security systems.

High value get a quote

Call for a quick quote

We have a few USP’s that stand us out from the crowd. Firstly experience, with nearly thirty years in the HNW arena there is little we have not seen or dealt with. This means that we often have the solutions before they present themselves and are therefore able to offer added value at no extra cost.

Our MD, Richard McLeod loves to solve a problem and will go out of his way to provide a solution. This can sometimes mean that he gives his time and advice for free. We have found that trust and integrity are priceless in this industry and we, therefore, welcome your call and are happy to help and advise at any time.

High value fine art insurance

High Value Art Insurance

We work closely with insurers that have a broad understanding of the fine art and collectables market. We are able to put you in touch with or oversee artwork appraisals so that accurate sum insured values are achieved. Values can change quickly in the art world so we always recommend that up to date appraisals take place so that there is no chance of being under insured.

High Value Art insurance covers a whole range of assets and is not just limited to paintings, pictures and etchings. Things like statues, tapestries, porcelain, antique furniture and even rare books and wine all fall under this category.

High value insurance blog


We use our blog to discuss all things high net worth. As a specialist broker, it is our job to keep up to date with changes in the marketplace. We use our blog to highlight any new or relevant changes in the market to our clients. Think of our blog as the hub for insurance news.

Our business has been built on becoming a specialist High Net Worth Broker. We like to keep our fingers on the pulse as far as government policy and underwriter changes are concerned. For those not ready to give us a call check out our blob for free advice and information.

High Net Worth Insurance Cover

McLeod Risk Services – High Net Worth Insurance Brokers

McLeod Risk Services was born out of the poor service many Clients have received in the niche area of High-Value Home Insurance.

One of our most FAQs is what is high value home insurance? Let us explain.

Many commercial and corporate insurance brokers focus their efforts mainly on the more profitable commercial business, treating the high net worth home insurance as of secondary importance. We, at McLeod Risk Services, specialise only in the high net worth home and motor insurance area. We offer a bespoke service for our clients who have valuable properties and possessions to protect.

McLeod Risk Services believe that the best way to ensure adequate cover is in place is to visit their clients to fully understand their needs. This, quite often, results in the very best premiums being achieved as a result. It is a fallacy to believe that only the largest Insurance Brokers can achieve the best premiums.

  • 20 years’ of experience in the High Value Home Insurance arena.
  • We have access to all the specialist insurers that are unavailable to the general public
  • In High Value Home Insurance, one size does not fit all and being someone with a little more to protect you need the bespoke service that we specialize in.