Do you have the correct home insurance?

//Do you have the correct home insurance?

Do you have the correct home insurance?

Ensuring you have the correct home insurance is a minefield! With so many choices and options available picking the correct policy can be impossible.


With the options that are available on the internet, you have to be a broker to ensure that you have the correct policy in place. Most people insure their homes hoping that they will never have to make a claim; if the very worst happens would your policy respond?

A broker can be instrumental in ensuring your home insurance policy would respond in the event of a claim. There seems little in point in paying a premium for a policy that does not cover what you would expect.

Many policies have conditions within their policies that may trip you up in the event of a claim. Two of the best examples of these are security and average conditions:

Security Condition – To put into place all security when you leave your home. If a theft occurs without the disclosed security in place then many standard insurance policies will not pay out.

Average Condition – Under insurance is a common issue with policies. Many standard policies have a condition that will only pay you a proportion of a claim calculated by the same proportion of under insurance. Worst case scenario is that under insurance could invalidate your policy.


Those clients with a little more to insure can access a high value home insurance policy. At McLeod Insurance we only use Insurers who offer warranty free policies, therefore eradicating the above problems. In addition, these insurers often offer free appraisal whereby the sums insured can be checked to ensure that there is no under insurance in place.


McLeod Insurance also offer advice, where appropriate, on what and when to value your jewellery and fine art. Whilst these costs are no included within a policy, they can also come with a discount from the valuer.


Whilst it is important to get everything right when setting your home insurance policy up, it is also very helpful to have a broker in your corner in the event of a claim. An independent broker, like McLeod Insurance, works for you; the client. A claim can become very time consuming if a disagreement occurs between you and the insurance company. McLeod Insurance will be in your corner should this happen.


A free review of the insurance you have in place is available through McLeod Insurance on 01525 716 452 or 07809 260852. A 20 minute conversation could really help you decide where your insurance best lies. After all, an informed decision is quite often the right decision.


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