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High Net Worth Individuals

Having spent the last fifteen years placing clients business in the High Net Worth arena, there is one common trait we have noticed that all our customers have.  Individuality.  High Net Worth individuals are exactly that, individuals.  No two clients are the same and where one may have a stunning art collection the next may invest in property and the next in classic cars.

Two people that live in the same style and value home may well have completely different profiles for every other aspect of their lives.  It is this individuality that not only makes our jobs interesting but also keeps us on our toes when it comes to matching the right policy with the right person.  It is not simply done by ticking the box with the correct home valuation in.  Having said that, many of the larger insurance brokers do still place their clients insurance in a one size fits all policy but here at High Value Home Insurance we aim to be a little more dedicated when it comes to assessing our clients.

In the early days of meeting any new clients, much of our time is spent not only getting to know the clients premises and its contents but also getting to know the individual themselves.  Our personal touch is what sets us apart and the knowledge we have built up over the years ensures that we not only make sure that all your valuables are insured correctly, but also that you as the client have peace of mind that the job has been done well.  As we have said many times, a more comprehensive appraisal of a High Net Worth individual’s assets does not always mean a larger premium.  Often a bespoke policy can actually save our clients money.

How are we remunerated? 

We do not charge any upfront fees, like many brokers, but instead are remunerated by the Insurer by way of a commission.  This way our clients are assured of an independent assessment of the options.  Here at McLeod High Value Home Insurance we gain 90% of our new business through client referrals and recommendations. Our repeat customer base and new referrals are second to none and speaks volumes for the standard and expertise of our service.

Why should you choose High Value Home Insurance?


To answer that we would have to highlight three areas of expertise here at High Value Home Insurance, namely experience, integrity and creativity.  Experience is an obvious advantage in almost any business as with experience comes the knowledge and competitive advantage that everyone seeks.  Our experience is in a specialist environment; the High Net Worth environment.  This means that the experience we have built up over the past fifteen years serves us well, as in our specialist field of High Value Home Insurance we have seen and done it all.  Having experienced it we are able to swerve any curve balls that come our way and prepare ourselves in advance for all eventualities.

I for one would put integrity up there with experience as far as important reasons to use and stay with any business partner.  You need to trust your business partners and when you come to High Value Home Insurance we consider you a business partner of ours.  We aim to get the best possible policy at the most competitive rate and most important of all ensure that you are properly covered for all eventualities.

Last but not least is creativity.  Not something that is necessarily often associated with Insurance but our ability to think outside the box enables us to come up with solutions to unforeseen problems, in a fast and effective way.  Looking at the same problem through different eyes or from a different perspective often provides the solution.


What sort of Insurance companies do we use?


As you can imagine we only use the best and most reputable insurance companies to place our customers business.  We have access to over 50 Insurance companies specialising in various areas of insurance.  Here is a list of some of the larger our global partners.

Chubb Insurance

Aig Insurance

Horizon underwriting agency

Hisox Insurance

Aviva Distinct

Zurich Private Clients


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