The burglary at Lord and Lady March’s property

//The burglary at Lord and Lady March’s property

The burglary at Lord and Lady March’s property

The burglary at Lord and Lady March’s property in January 2016 is an extreme example of what can happen. The burglar is said to have stolen more than £700,000 of family heirlooms.

The Burglar got in the house by ladder through an upstairs window. As the thief was disturbed by Lady March, both Lady March and Lord March were tied up while the theft took place.

Obviously, this was a horrific experience and both lord and lady March are devastated by the loos of many priceless items.

More on this story can be found on the BBC website or click on the link below.

Whilst you hope the worst will not happen, it is sensible to try and have a suitable insurance policy in place if it does. An Insurance Broker can be important to ensure that you have an adequate policy to respond in the event of the very worst happening.


McLeod Insurance takes the time to speak to every client they insurer, whether by phone or face to face, to ensure that all sides understand how the policy would respond in the event of an incident such as the above. It is only with 25 years of experience in the household insurance market that Richard McLeod (Director at McLeod Insurance) has an understanding of what is expected from the client and the Insurer. This level of service helps safeguard the client should the very worst happen.


McLeod Insurance strongly recommends that valuations are kept up to date to ensure that adequate settlement can be made in the event of a total loss. Whilst Insurers recommend a valuation is carried out every 3-5 years, it may be that some areas of valuable need more frequent attention. For instance, jewellery made from gold or silver when these items are increasing quickly in value in the market.


Other than the obvious cover required for the physical loss following a burglary, many High Net Worth Insurance policies will offer the following cover for aggravated burglary:


  • Related medical expenses
  • Related psychiatric expenses
  • Related rest and recuperation expenses
  • Related lost salary
  • Related upgrade of security at the residential property
  • Related home removal expenses 
  • Related temporary accommodation expenses

The balance between living in a home that is not Fort Knox, but offers you the security to feel that you and your family are safe, is a difficult one. Physical security can often deter the opportunist thief and advice can often be helped by your Broker and Insurance Company at the inception stage. Many High Net Worth Insurance companies offer complimentary security appraisals at inception to ensure that the security can be as good as can be. Your security is only as good as the weakest link in the chain! A potential thief will not necessarily stop at the excellent locks on your front door but may be drawn towards the old bathroom window with no key lock.



Top Tip

Light is the enemy of any stealth thief. Make sure your home is always lit inside and out. Motion light sensors are a good addition to any dimly lit garden.

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