Top 5 gifts for the man that has it all.

//Top 5 gifts for the man that has it all.

Top 5 gifts for the man that has it all.

I saw an article in Esquire Magazine the other day and it got me thinking about gifts for the man that has it all.  They had a list of unique gifts for those with a little bit more disposable income than the average family.

First of all the ones that didn’t quite make the top 5…


A Trip to Quarterback Camp

Obviously this one has the American men in mind and hence didn’t make our top 5.  I thought I’d show you it anyway as it seems like a pretty cool gift to me.

Joe Montana’s Private Quarterback Camp ($12,500) by If Only,


A Shark-Proof Suit

This one made me laugh and I did wonder just who it is that needs a shark proof suit?  I guess lots of people live by the sea and its better to be safe than sorry!

Sharksuit (Price on request) by Neptunic,


A Personal Submarine

Here is another one for the sea fairing men among you.  Take your diving to a new level and maybe you’ll find some ancient ship rec or two.

1000/4 submarine (Price on request) by Triton

Ok here are my top five gifts, in reverse order….


5) A Rare Watch

Pure, understated power.  You can not go wrong with a rare watch for the man who has it all.  All men love a nice timepiece and the rarer the better.  How about this classic Patek Phillipe watch?  Coming in at a cool $115,825 and available from essential watches by Beverely Hills.

5131J World Time watch ($115,825) by Patek Phillipe,


4) A Pair of Antique Russian Cufflinks

Men don’t tend to wear huge amounts of jewellery but cuff links are very much the essential item of any mans wardrobe.  Add a bit of class and understated elegance with a pair of rare Russian Cufflinks.  A rare and stylish memento from imperial Russia.

Russian antique diamond-set gold and guilloché enamel cufflinks ($9,500) by Andrei Adler, St Petersburg, circa 1908-1917,


3) A Bottle of 200-Year-Old Cognac

How about a nice bottle Cognac?  It’s a true taste of history and better still you can save the bottle when the booze is gone.

Cognac Grande Champagne Château de Compiègne 1818 (price on request) by Finest & Rarest,


2) A Vintage Wardrobe Trunk

Here is another throwback to bygone days.  Travel around like an old time oil baron with a vintage Louis Vuitton wardrobe trunk.  Looks great at the end of your bed or even on the landing of a large house.  In fairness you may not use it as it was first intended but it will be great storage and a stunning piece of furniture in its own right.

Interesting way to price an item…over £20,000.  They are not telling how much over, just letting you know that it is over £20,000.

Monogrammed wardrobe trunk (over £20,000) by Louis Vuitton,


1) A One-of-a-Kind Pair of Shoes

You haven’t lived until you’ve walked in a bespoke pair of shoes. Especially ones made by a British shoemaker that’s been around for 117 years.  My granddad used to tell me to make sure that my hair was cut tidy and that my shoes were shining and that everything else would take care of itself!  A classic bespoke pair of shoes will stand you in good stead (pardon the pun) and providing you look after them will last a lifetime.

Bespoke shoes by Alfred Sargent,

For those of you that thought that a pair of bespoke shoes was a little conservative for our number one pick I have thrown in a bonus pick….


A Clone of His Dog

Well we did say it was the man who has it all!  Because you can, and because you’ll miss that dog when she’s gone.  They say a dog is mans best friend and now you can keep them forever!

Pet cloning and genetic preservation (£1,300) by Viagen

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